Robert Pavon

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Robert Pavon was born in Havana Cuba, in 1975. At 18 he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served 13 years in the infantry both at home and abroad. Deciding on formal training he started school at Edison College and was awarded a scholarship for his work and won an award at the college 2012 Art Competition at the Bob Rauschenberg Art Gallery. After receiving his Associates in Arts, he went on to study at Florida Gulf Coast University where he received a Bachelor’s in Art in the spring of 2014. The discipline and challenges that he was faced with gave him the fortitude to teach himself the art of picture making.

His art is mostly influenced by the classical art of realism from the renaissance with a focus on portraiture, figure, and still life. Robert has also been the recipient of many awards including the Florida Gulf Coast University Art Award in 2013. His influences are the old masters of the renaissance and baroque period. This classical style is something he has always been drawn to and hopes to share with those around him.

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