BEST IN SHOW:Dance of Love –
Sharon Shaw

BEST IN SHOW:Dance of Love –
Sharon Shaw


1st Place: Rhapsody in Blue – Nancy Taylor

2nd Place: Shedding Light – Betty Wedeles
3rd Place: Among the Waterlilies – Dianna Willman
Merit: Uncommon Friends – Patty Sole
Honorable Mention: Boy and Goose – Bernie Vos
Honorable Mention: Bird in a Basket – Karen Greb
Honorable Mention: Peaceful Matlacha – Diane Koester


1st Place: Fish House – Lyn Wightman

2nd Place: Willie – Eileen Felice
3rd Place: Yellow Crown Night Heron – Elaine Weissborn
Merit: The David – Connie Krug
Honorable Mention: Jazzy Pants- Dyann Miller
Honorable Mention: Elephant – Paula Casey
Honorable Mention: Beach Access – Gary Olson


1st Place: Regal in Red – Piksum Blau

2nd Place: A Lovely Bunch of – Nancy Conti
3rd Place: Primping – John McCuen
Merit: Butterflies and Flowers – Art Williams
Honorable Mention: Midnight Fortune Teller – Barbara Benigni
Honorable Mention: Don’t Fence Me In – Linnea Doden
Honorable Mention: Nature’s Beauty – Lisa Burke


1st Place: Fish Whorl – Beth Blewett

2nd Place: Christmas Tree Palm – Linnea Doden
3rd Place: Cattle Egret – Helen Eigabroadt
Merit: Old Florida – Nancy Conti

Drawing/Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil

1st Place: Passion Flower – Shirley Glenn

2nd Place: Have a Ball – Elaine Myers
3rd Place: d’Blue Eyes – Dorayne Lombardo
Merit: Fossil Shell – Diane Maher
Honorable Mention: Please Put Me Back – Helen Eigabroadt
Honorable Mention: It’s All About the Feathers – Lisa Burke

Mixed Media

1st Place: Sweet Dreams – Patty Sole

2nd Place: Synergy – Jan Werdin
3rd Place: Dream Weaver – Odette Boyer
Merit: Blues – Joyce Lake
Honorable Mention: From the Garden – Dianna Willman
Honorable Mention: Here’s Looking at You – Shirley Glenn
Honorable Mention: Mother Nature – Odette Boyer

Small World

1st Place: Seaside – Connie Krug

2nd Place: Let’s Play – Nancy Conti
3rd Place: Gentle Giant – Beth Blewett
Merit: Chickadees – Dianna Willman
Honorable Mention: Fishing Cabin – Jan Werdin
Honorable Mention: Island Jay – Connie LoPresti
Honorable Mention:  Beach Sunset – Bernie Vos